Basic Trekking Information of Pakistan

Basic Information

How the trekking is done and how can you go for a trip. Read this.

General Instruction

General instructions about hiking and trekking in Pakistan.
Ten Essential For Hiking

Ten essential item's list to be with you through out the trip.

List of the diseases which can attack you during trek and safety from those diseases. High Altitude diseases and procurement is also mention.
Gear & Clothing

You can view the list of items that can be used to trekking through mountains. Don't forget essential items. We upload a list of required and optional items
Check List

This page will help you in making the check list for the trek. A complete requirement list of items during trek.
Detail Item Packing

See how your items can be bought and utilized during trek. We will help you in buying and using your items.
Typical Trek Menu

You can find here a sample trek menu during trekking as well as camping.
Item & availability 

You can find a list of items with their availability in the country. This can help you very well in finding items.