Pamir Trek

Along the Wakhan Corridor, there exist secluded valleys touching Afghanistan, the ancestral routes that linked the people of Hindukush, Pamir and Karakoram. Mythical places which had known the spirit of great explorers. It is in the extreme North of Pakistan that one has to go to find out this fragrance of frontiers. An extraordinary journey showered with history and romantic reunions. The regions of frontier with Afghanistan have been fascinating my imagination. Via Chitral valley, the extreme, West of this group of valleys and passes that dominate for about 200 km, the Wakhan Corridor. Yarkhun River, ferociously raging through the deep valley separating Hindu Kush from Hindu Raj.

The river carries in its surfing waves, the alluvium from the door of Pamir. Beyond the first obstacle of the valley the mountain kept its mystery. Our trek Along Wakhan Corridor provides the opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful places on earth. Crossing the Chillinji Pass to Hunza and the legendary Karakoram Highway, which falls into Karimabad, the Capital of former Hunza State. Here, we meet people of the people of Hunza known as Hunzukuts. They enjoy welcoming guests to their homeland with smiling faces.

In Hunza we visit to the ancient Altit and Baltit Forts standing on mountain cliffs. The Hunzukuts are the inhabitants of the beautiful Hunza Valley, which Eric Shipton called �Hunza: the ultimate manifestation of mountain grandeur�. In this part of the world, Hunzukuts are most popular for their hospitality and longevity. On our journey back to Islamabad, we visit some of ancient rock carvings at Shatial.

Duration: 22-25
Max altitude: Max. 5147 m.
Suitable Period: June to August.
Trek Difficulty Less Strenuous

Day-01 Arrival to Islamabad air port and transfer to the hotel.
Day-02 Islamabad � Peshawar.
Day-03 Peshawar � Chitral.
Day-04 Chitral � Kalash Valley.
Day-05  Kalash � Chitral.
Day-06 Chitral � Power.
Day-07 Power � Lasht.
Day-08 Lasht � Kishmanja Camp (3,410 m).
Day-09 Kishmanja � Chikar (3,700 m).
Day-10 Chikar � Darkot Glacier (4,300 m)-Chikar.
Day-11 Chikar � Lashkargaz (3,800 m).
Day-12 Lashkargaz � Karambar An (4,343 m) � Karambar Lake (4,150 m).
Day-13 Karambar Lake � Shouinj (4,000 m).
Day-14 Shouinji � Chhatiboi Glacier � Sughtarabad (3,600 m).
Day-15 Sughtarabad � Karambar River crossing � Chillinji Forest (3,600 m).
Day-16 Chillinji Forest � Chillinji Base Camp (4,500 m).
Day-17 Chillinji Base Camp � Chillinji an (5,247 m) - Biater.
Day-18 Biater � Chipurson Ziarat (3,860 m).
Day-19 Ziarat (3,860 m) � Karimabad (3,000 m).
Day-20 Karimabad Hunza free day.
Day-21 Karimabad � Gilgit (1,500 m).
Day-22 Gilgit � Besham.
Day-23 Besham� Islamabad.
Day-24 Fly Back

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