Pakistan Tourism Contacts

Minister of State,Ministry of Minorities, Culture, Sports, Tourism & Youth Affairs, Government of Pakistan,
(Sports & Tourism Wing)
Pakistan Sports Complex (behind Liaquat Gymnasium),
Islamabad � 44000 - Pakistan.
Tel: 92-51-9202350-9204556 � Fax: 92-51-9202347

Profile: The Sports & Tourism Wing of the Ministry is the main body responsible for making policies and plans for the development and promotion of sports and tourism in the country. The wing is also responsible for implementation of the plans and projects in these areas.

Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation

(Information Service), P.O. Box 1465, Agha Khan Road,
Markaz F-6 (Super Market), Islamabad 44000, Pakistan.Tel: (+92-51) 9212760, 9202766 Fax: (+92-51) 9204027, 2274507

Minister Sports, Culture, Minority Affairs and YouthTel : 051-9210108 Fax : 051-9224697
Culture & Heritage Pakistan Tours (pvt) Ltd Ecotourism Society Pakistan

Department of Tourist Services (DTS),
Government of Pakistan,
Ministry of Minorities, Culture, Sports, Tourism & Youth Affairs,
Block B-6, Markaz F-7, Islamabad � Pakistan.
Tel: 92-51-9204575-9203772-9204376, Fax: 92-51-9207427

Mountaineering & Expeditions Department,
Government of Pakistan,
Ministry of Minorities, Culture, Sports, Tourism & Youth Affairs,
Pakistan Sports Complex, Islamabad.
Tel: 92-51-9203509, Fax: 92-51-9202347

Adventure Foundation of Pakistan (AFP)
This Foundation is a non-profit private organization dedicated to promote outward bound educational system in Pakistan. AFP offers a number of adventure and skill training courses on mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking, skiing, hot-air ballooning, paragliding and white water rafting. It also has exchange programmes and eco-tourism projects. AFP is very actively involved in promotion of environment friendly adventure tourism in the northern Pakistan. Mountain clean-up expeditions, tree plantation programmes and training of adventure guides as a regular part of its activities. For more information, please contact: Adventure Foundation Pakistan, Garden Avenue, National Park Area, P.O. Box 1807, Islamabad. (Tel & Fax:051-2272538)

Alpine Club of Pakistan,
509-Kashmir Road,
R.A. Bazaar, Rawalpindi.
Tel: 051-9271321, 9271301-6 Ext.358

Pakistan Youth Hostels Association:
Pakistan Youth Hostels Association (PYHA) was founded in 1951, which now runs a chain of 6 Youth Hostels all over Pakistan. Accommodation in these Youth Hostels is available to the members of International Youth Hostels Federation (IYHF) and its affiliated organizations. For more details and reservation, please contact PYHA Head Office located at Shaheed-e-Millat Road, G-6/4, near Aabpara, Islamabad. Tel: +92-51-2826899

Following PTDC Tourist Information Centre in Pakistan;

Club Annexe, Jinnah Road. Tel: (0992) 334399

PTDC Motel, Club Road, Near DC Office. Tel: (0621) 82853 Fax: (0621) 85362

19 JSR Plaza, Near PIA Office, Main Bazaar. Tel: (0572) 3939, 4262

i) Agha Khan Road, Markaz F-6 (Super Market). Tel: (051) 9202766, 9212760 Fax: (051) 9204027
ii) Opposite International Arrival Lounge (Concourse Hall), Islamabad International Airport.
Tel: (051) 9280563
iii) Room No.7, Flashman�s Hotel, The Mall, Rawalpindi. Tel: (051) 5581480 Ext. 7

i) Shafi Chambers, Club Road, Saddar. Tel: (021) 9202971 Fax: (021) 5678958
ii) International Arrival Lounge, Jinnah International Airport.

i) Room No.3, Faletti�s Hotel, Egerton Road. Tel: (042) 6306528, 6363946 Ext.3, Fax: (042) 6364819
ii) International Arrival Lounge, Lahore International Airport. Tel: (042) 9220023

PTDC Motel/Hospitality Complex. Tel: (0741) 459266 Fax: (07443) 493

Hotel Sindbad, Nishtar Chowk, Bahawalpur Road. Tel: (061) 512640

Benevolent Fund Building, Saddar Road. Tel & Fax: (091) 286829

Muslim Hotel, Jinnah Road. Tel: (081) 825826

Saidu Sharif:
PTDC Motel, Opposite Swat Serena Hotel. Tel: (0936) 711205 Fax: (0936) 713776

PTDC K-2 Motel. Tel: (0575) 2946 Fax: (0575) 3322

PTDC Motel, Pak-China Border, Sost Gojal (open from 1st May to 15th November)

PTDC Motel, Pak-Iran Border. Tel: (0886) 510302 & 510248

PTDC Hospitality Complex, Thatta.

PTDC Motel, Opp. Taxila Museum, Museum Road. Tel: (0596) 2344, 534890

PTDC Motel, Indo-Pak Border. Tel: (042) 6581644, 6581505.


Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab (TDCP):
140-A, Shadman-II, Lahore.
Tel: 042-7576830 � Fax: 042-7576829

Sarhad Tourism Corporation (STC):
Lower Court Building, Khyber Road,
Tel: 091-9211091 � Fax: 091-9210871

Sindh Tourism Development Corporation (STDC):
Sea Breeze Plaza, 1st Floor,
Shahrah-e-Faizal, Karachi.
Tel: 021-7782706-7788530 � Fax: 021-7782731

Balochistan Tourism Authority:
Information, Culture, Sports & Tourism Dept.
Government of Balochistan,
Civil Secretariat, Zargoon Road, Quetta.
Tel: 081-9202905-9202582 Fax: 822151


For information, local assistance and booking of PTDC hotels, motels, transport and tours, please contact any of the following PTDC Tourist Information Centres

ABBOTTABAD:Club Annexe, Jinnah Road.Tel: 0992-334399

BAHAWALPUR:PTDC Motel, Club Road, Near DC Office.Tel: 0621-82835 Fax: 0621-85362

GILGIT:JSR Plaza, Near PIA Office, Main Bazaar.Tel: 0572-4262

ISLAMABAD:Agha Khan Road, Markaz F-6 (Super Market).Tel: 051-9202766, 9212760 Fax: 051-9204027

ISLAMABAD AIRPORT:Opposite International Arrival Lounge, Islamabad International Airport. Tel: 051-9280563

KARACHI:Shafi Chambers, Club Road, Saddar. Tel: 021-9202971 Fax: 021-9206376

KARACHI AIRPORT:International Arrival Lounge, Quaid-e-Azam International Airport.

LAHORE:Room No.3, Faletti's Hotel, Egerton Road. Tel: 042-6363946 Ext.TIC, 6306528 Fax: 042-6364819

LAHORE AIRPORT: Opposite International Arrival Lounge, Lahore International Airport. Tel: 042-9220023

MOENJODARO:PTDC Motel. Tel: 0741-459266 Fax: 07443-493

MULTAN:Hotel Sindbad, Nishtar Chowk, Bahawalpur Road. Tel: 061-512640

PESHAWAR:Benevolent Fund Building, Saddar Road.Tel & Fax: 091-286829

QUETTA:Muslim Hotel, Jinnah Road. Tel: (081) 825826

RAWALPINDI:Room No.7, Flashman's Hotel, The Mall.Tel: 051-514672, 581480 Ext.7

SAIDU SHARIF:PTDC Motel, Opposite Serena Hotel.Tel: 0936-711205 Fax: 0936-713776

SKARDU:K-2 Motel. Tel: 0575-2946 Fax: 0575-3322

SOST: (1st May to 15th November)PTDC Motel, Pak-China Border.

TAFTAN:PTDC Motel/Reception Unit, Pak-Iran Border. Tel: 0886-510302, 510248

THATTA:PTDC Hospitality Complex.

TAXILA:PTDC Motel, Opposite Taxila Museum, Museum Road. Tel: 0596-2344, 534890

WAGHA:PTDC Motel/Reception Unit, Indo-Pak Border. Tel: 042-6581644, 6581505

Pakistan Tours Limited (PTL) & PTDC Transport Services

PTL, a subsidiary of PTDC, is working as a tour operating agency and is responsible for organizing tours/arrangements of transport and accommodation for foreign and domestic tourists in Pakistan.

Its Head Office is located at:-Room # 17,Flashman�s Hotel, Room No.23 & 24, The Mall, Rawalpindi. Tel: +92-51-5563038, 5565449 & 5581480 Fax: +92-51-5513054 URL:

PTDC is operating a transport service between Pakistan and China border on Karakoram Highway (KKH) from Sost (Pakistan) to Tasghurgan (China) for the convenience of local and foreign visitors. The transport service is being operated from 1st May to 15 November each year. PTDC�s transport is also hired out to foreign and domestic individual and group tourists.