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Tando Muhammad Khan

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Tando Muhammad Khan

Tando Muhammad Khan is one of the districts in the province of Sindh province, Pakistan. It is located in the south of the province.In North of the district, Hyderabad and Tando Allahyar districts are located, Badin district lies on South and East, West boundary is shared by district Thatta and the river Indus flows through North-West. Tando Mohammad Khan District comprises three Talukas viz. Tando Mohammad Khan, Bulri Shah Karim and Tando Ghulam Hyder.

The climate of the area is moderate. However, April, May and June are very hot during the day time. December and January are the coldest months with maximum and minimum temperatures of 30 0C and 10 0C respectively. Rainfall is highly erratic with an average of about 130 mm. The monsoon dominates from July to September.

Seventy percent of the district population is engaged in agriculture. Main crops grown in the district are: sugarcane, rice, wheat and cotton. Phuleli, Pinyari and Akram canal are the main source of irrigation water in this district.


The district is named after the city of Tando Muhammad Khan, founded by Mir Muhammad Khan Shahwani Talpur. It is located at a distance of 35 km from Hyderabad on the Badin-Hyderabad National Highway.


Tando Muhammad Khan is administratively subdivided into 3 talukas, these are:

* Bulri Shah Karim
* Tando Ghulam Hyder
* Tando Muhammad Khan