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Tando Allahyar

By October 28, 2021November 15th, 2021Uncategorized

Tando Allahyar

Tando Allah Yar District is a district of Sindh province, Pakistan, the city of Tando Allahyar is the capital.


The town was founded by Mir Allahyar Talpur. The remains of clay fort built by Mir Allahyar still exist in the town.


Tando Allahyar has a rich traditional Sindhi culture. Men clad themselves with a peculiar style of Shalwar Kameez having broader bottoms and traditional Sindhi style cap. The women also clad themselves with Shalwar Kameez; however the local peasant women dress up modestly wearing the traditional dress called ‘gharara’ or ‘parro’ with bangles all the way up till shoulders.

Clogging Road side tea stalls with colleagues and friends are favorite pastimes for men.


People of Tando Allahyar are proud people, taking pride in their land and its history; they are by nature, quiet and inoffensive; moderately religious minded, hospitable and accommodating. Their attitude to life is determined by geographical, economic and moral set-up, making them unassertive.The important tribes living in the urban areas are Halepota, Sanjrani, Dars,Qaimkhani, Khanzadas, Memons, Patoli, Mastoi, Daudani, Magsi,and other sindhi clans are the dominatingly in rural areas i.e. ismailli known as khuwajas ,Dars, Shah, Kalro, Khaskelis, Kakepota, Chhachhar, Lund, Leghari, Srewal, Dal, Mari, Arain, Jarwar, Nizamani, Lashari, Bozdar, Deshak, Sootar, Lohana, Kohlis, Meghwar, ‘ and others.

[[Khatri Chhipa] [Qaimkhani]] Rajputs, Patoli (Rajputs) constituting subcosts of Siddiqanis, Bachanis & Yusufanis.

Memons, Halepota and Khanzada tribes/families constitutes major part of the urban TandoAllahyar.

The rural Sindh has a great Kohli and Bhil nomadic peasant communities who are the sole work force for agricultural farm lands.