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Pakpattan District is a district of Punjab Province in Pakistan, Pakpattan is the district capital. According to the 1998 census of Pakistan, it had a population of 1,286,680 of which 14% were urban this has now risen to 1,563,000.


The district is divided into two tehsils.

1. Arifwala
2. Pakpattan

Pakpattan is the city of the great Chishti Saint Baba Farid


The capital Pakpattan is located 175-180km from Lahore – the district is bounded to the northwest by Sahiwal District, to the north by Okara District, to the by the Sutlej river and Bahawalnagar District, and to the southwest by Vehari District.


The Pakpattan District is known for the fertility of its soil and most of the population of Pakpattan district makes a living on agriculture. The main crops are wheat, rice, cotton, maize (corn), sugar cane, etc. The primary fruits and vegetables that are harvested are mango, guava, carrots, potatoes,oranges and okra. Mostly canals are six monthly.