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Nowshera is a district in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan – the principal city is Nowshera. Nowshera District is divided into 47 Union Councils and 5 provincial seats.The district was part of the Peshawar metropolitan region.

Brief History

Nowshera was the third District of Peshawar Division, which was separated from Peshawer. This district is also called the link between Central Asia and India. It is of more significance because of being situated at the riverbank of Sindh (Indus). Old Peshawar was famous due to the large industrial base of Nowshehra Tehsil.


There are big industries there, such as Paper International Ltd (previously known as Adam jee paper and board mill) Aman Garh, Nizampur Cement Company (AWT), Fauji Corn Complex at Jehangira, Nowshera Sheet Glass Industries at Adamzai, Pakistan Tobacco Company at Akora Khattak, Associated Industries Ltd. at Amangarh, Ferozsons pharmaceutical at Amangarh, Locomotive factory at Risalpur, and Special Export Processing Zone at Risalpur. Similarly, a number of various industrial units situated at Pabbi, Risalpur, Amangarh, Akora Khattak, Jehangira and Chirat areas are also making progress from industrial point of view.

Notable Places

Nowshera cantt and city are situated at opposite sides of the bank of Kabul River. To the North-East is Attock district of Punjab province. To the North are Swabi and Mardan districts. To the North-West is Charsadda District. In the West is Peshawar District. On South there touches the Kohat District boundary.

The River Kabul runs through Nowshera City and combines with River Sindh at Kundseeing. A number of green parks and beautiful places, such as Cherat, Manki Sharif, Saidukhel, Company Baagh, Manglot wildlife park at Nizampur and Azakhel park provide scenic views. Likewise, Bahadur Baba Ziarat, Kaka Sahib Ziarat, Khushal Khan Khattak memorial library, Akhunpanju Baba Ziarat (Baba Sahib)

Pabbi is the main city and first tehsil of district nowshera. Pabbi is the largest trade center. Pabbi is famous for Shaikh baba ziarat which is situated in the main bazar pabbi.

Kheshgi is a town in Nowshera District, its population is about 100,000. it is parallel to Grand Trunk road on other side of river Kabul, and has boundaries to both Charsadda and Mardan.