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Mirpur Khas

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Mirpur Khas

Mirpur Khas District is one of the districts in the province of Sindh, Pakistan. According to the 1998 census of Pakistan, it had a population of 1,569,030 of which 18.60%


* Digri
* Kot Ghulam Muhammad
* Mirpurkhas


Most people in the Mirpurkhas district speak Sindhi but there is a significant Urdu speaking community, New Sindhi or the immigrants from India who came in 1947. As per the census of Pakistan 1998, following are the demographic figures of the district:

Islam: 66.37%
Hinduism: 32.73%
Christianity: 0.50%
Ahmadiyya: 0.27%
Others: 0.12%

Sindhi: 61.70%
Urdu: 18.34%
Punjabi: 10.73%
Balochi: 1.90%
Pashto: 0.91%
Seraiki: 0.34%
Others: 6.07% (mainly Gujarati/Memon)

It should be noted here that Urdu speakers account for the largest group in the urban area of the district at 47.92% followed by Sindhis at 28.71%.


After the capture of Sindh by the British, they created Tharparkar District in Southeastern Sindh for administrative purposes. Later, after the creation of Pakistan, some area on the northern side was detached from the original Tharparkar District and named Sanghar District. Later, due to political and administrative reasons, the remaining part of Tharparkar was divided again into three more districts:

(1) Mirpurkhas District (with headquarters at Mirpurkhas),

(2) Tharparkar District (with headquarters at Mithi) and

(3) Umerkot District.

Mirpurkhas District derives its name from the town of Mirpurkhas, founded by Mir Ali Murad Talpur in 1806.