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Lodhran is a district in the Punjab, Pakistan, located on the northern side of River Sutlej. It is bounded to the north by the districts of Multan, Khanewal and Vehari, to the south by Bahawalpur District, to the east lie the districts of Vehari and Bahawalpur; while district Multan lies on the western side.Administration:

Lodhran is spread over an area of 1,790 square kilometres and is subdivided into 3 tehsils:

1. Lodhran

2. Kahror Pacca

3. Dunya pur


The main towns of the district are: Bahawal Garh, Basti Pakka, Alipur Kanju, Amirpur Station, Rukanpur, Qadirpur Chimna, Layyalpur, Chelawahin, Adamwahim, Qutabpur, Gogran, Dhanot, Danwran, Rajapur, Dakhano Gharo, Choki Masti Khan, Borhanpur, Amirpur Sadat, Fatehpur, Makhdoom Ali and Jalla Arain. The total area of forest is 1,843 acres (7.46 km2).

The climate of the district is hot and dry in summer and cold in winter. The maximum and minimum temperature ranges between 42C and 28C in summer. During winter, the temperature fluctuates between 21C and 5C. The entire district is smooth plain. The sub-soil water in Dunyapur sub-division is brackish, while that in Kahror Pakka and Lodhran sub-divisions is sweet. The average rainfall in the district is 71 mm.

Social Infrastructural Facilities:

Lodhran Tehsil – There are 325 schools, 9 colleges, 30 hospitals, 10 police stations, 1 railway stations, 52 post offices, one radio station and 20 banks in Lodhran Tehsil. There are two parks the district. There is also a famous “Bright Home” building.

Kahror Pakka Tehsil – There are 199 schools, 1 college, hospital, 3 police stations, 1 railway station, 16 post offices and 10 banks in Kahror Pakka Tehsil.

Dunyapur – There are 354 schools, 1 college, one hospital, 3 police stations, 1 railway station, 18 post offices and 6 banks in Dunyapur Tehsil.