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Laki Marwat

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Laki Marwat


The administration of the tribal area is looked after by the district coordination officer Lakki Marwat district. It is a recent bifurcation from F.R. Bannu (1996). Prior to this it was part of F.R. Bannu. It is located between 32°47’ and 32°58’ north latitudes and 70°19’ and 70°28’ east longitudes. Its total area is 132 square kilometers. The total area was 6,987 in 1998. There were 44 villages in 1998. There are no urban localities in this tribal area.


The entire territory of this tribal area is composed of hills of medium height between 450 to 11200 meters. The highest peak (1,216) of the area is located to the south of Walai. Kharaghora is the prominent range in the southern part of the area with an average height of almost 850 meters. Three of the important western tributaries of the Indus namely Kurram, Baran and Tochi rivers flow across this tribal area. The cultivated area is about 33,000 acres. Wheat, maize and sugarcane are the main crops. Some dates and citrus trees are grown in the orchards in the plains of the kurram and Tochi rivers.


It experiences hot summers and cold winters. Summer season starts in April and continues till October. June, July and August are the hottest months. Winter season starts in November and lasts till March December, January and February are the coldest months.