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Completed Projects

By October 27, 2021November 15th, 2021Uncategorized

Completed Projects

A Software Company is recognised by the projects completed by the oorganization.Following are some of our previous projects:

E-Car Management

A Complete site of Sale and purchase of cars. A bidding can be done and this site also provide wap service which can provide help to mobile users.

Lungs Cancer Diagnostic Software

Lungs Cancer Diagnostic Software provide you the facility to recognise premature lungs cancer. Different Image processing techniques have been used. Some Major Features: Xray and other types of input, Filtering then enhancement of X-Rays. Detection of Falsy tissues.

Mail Service

A Mail Service provides you to make your own mail server and you will be able to manage users,inbox,sent mails,compose and store mails.You can store contacts.

Accounting System

Accounting system of many organization

IT Services

It is a website for Hosting section of a company developed using Dot.Net platform. Provides multiple flexible customizeable package options, WHOIS domain lookup and integrate multiple payment gateways.

LIMS - Library Information & Management System

LIMS is a Library information tracking and management system, developed using VB.Net
It keeps track of all information that moves around in a Library.