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Battagram is a district of Hazara in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan. It has a total land area of 1301 Square Kilometre.


Battagram obtained the status of district in July 1993 when it was upgraded from a Tehsil and separated from Mansehra District by an executive order. It has geographical borders with Kohistan District, Tribal Area of Kala Dhaka (Black Mountain of Hazara), Shangla District and Malakand Division. The district consists of two sub-divisions or Tehsils which contain a total of 20 Union Councils:

1. Allai Tehsil
2. Batagram Tehsil


It was in 1956, when a famous Jirga took place in the valley of Tikri and decided to join Pakistan. Battagram Remain a Tehsil of District Mansehra till July 1993. In July 1993 battagram was separated from Mansehra District and appear as a district on the map of pakistan.

Earthquake 2005

Batgram, received a major setback in the infamous Pakistan Earthquake of October 2005 when more than 4,500 innocent lives were lost. Practically most of the District was economically shattered and currently the district is in the process of reconstruction.


This district has world fame for its beautiful mountains, thick forests, fertile lands and enchanting streams. Most of the population is rural and depends upon agriculture for their day to day living. As a recent phenomenon, fishing has also become a mode of earning due to some modern scientific techniques. Another distinctive feature of this district is the notable presence of Shahra-e-Resham or Silk route and hence which is helping the infant industrial base to thrive.