Salahuddin Mian

Salahuddin Mian (1938-2006) was Pakistan's first ceramic artist.He was born Mian Salahuddin. According to Mian, his inspiration to become a ceramist was because he was "born in the locality of potters in the town of Kasur."


Mian was born in Kasur, Punjab to an upper middle class family of 10 children. His father, Mian Mohammad Rafi was a landowner and farmer as well as member of the local council.


He graduated from Government School in Kasur. In 1958, he joined the National College of Arts (NCA), Lahore, graduating 4 years later. While there he studied under the Japanese ceramist, Koichi Takita Sensei.He was awarded the Fullbright scholarship in 1965.


His father's murder deeply affected him.

His Work

He referred to groups of similar pieces as "the families."


He started his teaching career at NCA in 1963. He retired in 1998 as head of the department.


Amongst his students is Sheherezade Alam, Pakistan's first female ceramist.




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