Ghulam Mustafa

(B. 01.12.1952)

National diploma from National College of Arts Lahore, 1974. At present Deputy Director, Punjab Council of the Arts, Lahore. One-man shows: Lahore 1988, 1990, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1997; Karachi 1996; Washington D.C. 1989, 1991; India 1992, 1996; won several national and provincial awards in painting and design. His work figures in the following collections: Prime Minister House, National Assembly Building Islamabad; Lahore Museum, Punjab Assembly Building, Chief Minister House, American Counsel General Office, Lahore Arts Council, State Guest House, Lahore; numerous private collections in Pakistan and abroad.



Sonehri Masjid / Golden Mosque, 1996

Sonehri Masjid, the Golden Mosque, was built in 1753 by Nawab Bhikari Khan, the confidant of the window of Mian Mannu, the Mughal Governor of Lahore (d. 1752). The three gilt domes are recognisable from a long distance as they shimmer piously above the buzz of the bazaars. A popular subject, it has been painted many times by foreign artists and local miniaturists.

Shrine Near Fort Wall, 1996

The outer wall of the Lahore Fort supports several shrines. These shrines in turn have become peaceful sanctuaries for cooling pigeons and hovering doves.

Green Balcony, 1993

Such latticed windows secure the privacy of the ladies of the house and provide them with a place to participate in the activity of the bazaar while remaining in purdah. Not surprisingly these structures spawned many a romantic poem in Urdu and Punjabi.

Nila Gumbad / 'Blue Dome', 1986

Under the blue dome in porcelain, are enshrined the remains of the saint from Ghazni, Abdul Razak Makai, of Shabzwar, who settled in the sixteenth century at Lahore during the time of the second great Mughal, Emperor Humayun.

Unlike Moyene Najmi's 'Nila Gumbad', here the blue dome is the central feature of the composition.