We Do:

Custom Software Development: Custom software needs differ greatly from client to client. That is why we work closely with our customers to first determine what needs exist and then suggest the best approach to satisfy them. SDSol always has an open ear for customer input and suggestions.Whether your next project is retail boxed software, custom database application, online application, or a nice little script-based timesaver we would love to hear from you. For more about our custom software development please click here or contact us today.

Design Services: We would love to be part of your next design project. Clients in need of everything from that perfect website to a new look for their corporate letterhead and stationary turn to SDSol Technologies. A picture is worth a thousand words, and we intend to capture every last one. While custom web design should be an art, the technical aspects have become important as well. This is why offer design solutions using all of the latest platforms, from custom Flash animation and movies to 3D modeling for everything from online games to virtual real estate walkthroughs or engineering needs. SDSol would love to help shape the look and identity of your brand, contact us today for more information.

Efficient IT Support: When we take on a new Miami tech support client we first spend time understanding their business model and long term strategy. This helps us offer an appropriate solution that is affordable and will increase the client’s productivity. Most importantly, we offer solutions that work. From cabling and network set-up to robust back-up and disaster recovery systems we always put the client first. We are one of the few certified Microsoft Small Business Specialists in Miami, and would love to lend a hand. Whether you need an emergency fix or are interested in one of our managed support packages, contact us today to learn more.

Online Brand Building: Your online presence is more and more important every day. First impressions are everything, and often you make one without even knowing it. This is why we offer our clients effective online marketing campaigns tailored to their needs and within their budget. From a simple on-site organic SEO (search engine optimization) and link exchange campaign to a complete project with content writing, press releases, and blogging we will tailor a program fit to your needs. The web is a big place, make your presence felt. Contact us today to learn how.

Domain Registration & Web Hosting: You can even use SDSol for Domain Registration and Web Hosting.

Our Mission:

Head Office in Multan and Islamabad, Pakistan Agile Solutions was founded as an IT services company in 2005. Since then, we have taken a great deal of pride in being a high-quality, cost-effective technology solutions provider and consultant for a wide array of business types.

We believe that all businesses, regardless of size, are entitled to top-notch systems and websites. For far too long the technology landscape was divided between large multi-nationals with the latest in networking, IT, and web technologies pitted against smaller business owners struggling to carve out a niche for themselves. Agile Solutions aims to change this. Finally, small and medium size businesses can compete and have the same online presence and technologies that their larger competitors posses.

Our core competencies are our technical expertise and customer-centric design philosophy. We work closely with the client to determine their unique needs and offer custom solutions that work, not simply cookie-cutter answers.


At Agile Solutions “customer first” isn’t a slogan, it’s a way to conduct business. Our methodology ensures that your needs are met and that you have as much (or as little) input as you desire in the development process.

Although all projects are unique, take a look below to see our standard methodology.

Requirements: In this phase we meet with the customer and discover what their objectives are. This allows us to give our engineers an idea of what is to be accomplished and how it should be presented. All input is good input.

Feasibility: In this stage of the planning process we work with our engineers to ensure that we can deliver within budget and on time.

Analysis: Now having heard from both the customer and the engineers, we know what we want and how to get there. In the analysis phase we get additional information from the customer and begin designing the solution.

This includes:

* Rules and logic definition
* Data flow analysis
* Structural chart
* Relationship analysis between components

Design: The real work begins. In this stage our engineers, designers, and managers all collaborate in building the product to the customer’s specifications. Steps in this phase include:

* User Interface design
* Database design
* Requirement traceability matrix
* Use cases/ actions
* Scenarios
* Data dictionary
* Functional specifications
* Prototype

Development: Now that a working prototype is in place, it is just a matter of turning the project from good to great before it can be placed in the customer’s hands. Steps in this stage include:

* Detailed design
* Object and relationship management
* Implementation
* Code review and testing
* Integration
* System testing
* Alpha release
* Beta release
* Final release!!!

Release: The final copy is now available to the user. Most developers stop here, however, Agile Solutions takes the next step. We include full user manuals and support documentation ensuring that as the company grows new users can be brought up to speed quickly and efficiently. For more involved projects, on-site training is available at additional cost.