Shangla District is located in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan. The district headquarters are located at Alpurai. It was previously a subdivision of Swat District, but was upgraded to the status of a district on July 1, 1995 by the then Chief Minister Aftab Khan Sherpao. The total area of the district is 1,586 square kilometres.

Shangla comprises two sub division, Alpuri and Puran. There are three sub tehsils i.e. Besham, Chakesar, Martung.

Shangla has the lowest Human Development Index in the province and second lowest in the country.


The district is bounded in the north by Kohistan District, in the east by Battagram District and the tribal area of Kala Dhaka (Black Mountain of Hazara), in the west by Swat District and in the south by Buner District.


There are relics of the ancient Greek period at Pirsar, Chakesar and Daut. it is believed that Alexander the Great camped at Pirsar for a few days. There are also relics of the Hindu Shahi in Qlandar-Ajmair.

Administrative divisions

Under the devolved local government system Shangla is divided into five tehsils, namely

* Alpuri
* Puran
* Besham
* Chakesar
* Martung

Well-known sites

Shangla is also a historical place in South Asia: home to several Buddhist hermits, as well as a small but thriving Hindu community in the Chakesar region. It is said that the region known as Ghorband in the north west of Shangla was visited by Alexander the Great's Army in 326 B.C. where it fought a battle with the locals at the mount Pir Sar. Later on in the 15th century Shangla witnessed a population shift from neighbouring Afghanistan (Pakhtun tribe Yousafzais) with locals migrating into Hazara.