Musakhel is a district in the north west of Balochistan province of Pakistan. Musakhel was notified as a district on 1 January 1992 when Loralai District was divided into three districts, named Musakhel, Barkhan, and Loralai. Previously, Musakhel was one of the 4 sub-divisions of Loralai district.

When the district was first created it contained one sub-division, i.e., Musakhel, and further divided into one tehsil (Musakhel) and one sub-tehsil (Kingri). Musakhel Tehsil was divided into 3 Qanungo circles, Saddar Musakhel, Toisar, and Drug which are the patwar circles as well. The whole of Kingri sub-tehsil is one Qanungo circle and patwar circle. Majority of the people are pashtuns of Jaffar tribe.

In 2005, another Tehsil was created, Drug Tehsil, consisting of 2 union councils on the direction of Jam Muhammad Yousuf, Ex-Chief Minister Balochistan, who visited Durug on the invitation of Dr. Ghulam Mehmood Jaffar, the then Nazim Durug.


The district is administratively subdivided into the following tehsils.

* Drug tehsil

In 2005, Drug was created a Tehsil, consisting of 2 union councils. Drug is the second major town of Musakhel district and is a valley blessed with Natural beauty. The valley can be rated as one of the beautiful valleys of the country. The total population of Drug is round about 80,000 people. In Tehsil Drug there are small towns located around the main village Drug like; Nath, Gadgoji, Kiara, Karkana, Zarni, Gabur, Khajhi, Burh kuhi, Bayhu and Tanga Sar etc. Tehsil Drug is a tribal area in which Jaffar, Zimri, Essote, Buzdar, Qaisrani and Gharsheen tribes are settled. The chief of the Jaffar tribe is named as Sardar Ijaz Ahmed Khan Jaffar S/O Sardar Baz Mohammad Khan Jaffar (late) and Malik Jamal Jaffar is the head "Malik" of Jaffar tribe. Mr. Faiz Muhammad Jaffar is the first Tehsil Nazim of Drug Tehsil. Although Tehsil Durug is not so well developed area of District Musakhel but its people are famous well in giving respect and taking care of their guests. Mr. Ata Muhammad Jaffar, a well known and one of the most competent beaurocrats of Balochistan also belongs to Durug area. He established a number of educational institutions in the area, therefore, the literacy rate in Durug is one of the best in the province.


The population of Musakhel District is estimated to be over 300,000 in 2005. Over 99% of the people of the area are Muslims. majority of are zimri tribe which are very well educated .they share 70 percentaga of popoulation