Mastung is a district located in the north west of Balochistan province. Pakistan. Prior to 1991 Mastung was part of Kalat District. For administrative purposes Mastung was separated from Kalat and made a new District in 1991.


The district consists of three tehsils:

* Dasht
* Kardigap
* Mastung


The population of Mastung district is estimated to be over 180,349 in 2005. Over 99% of the people of the area are Muslims. The major tribes of Mastung district are: [Syeds][Chishti Maududi], [Kurd (Pakistan)|Kurd]], Sarparah, Rodeni,Mohammad Shahi, Bangulzai, Satakzai, Shahwani, Raisani,Sarangzei, Lehri, Dehwar & some Hindus. The local languages spoken are Persian [Dehwari] & Brahvi. Like a patron saint of this town, Hazrat Khwaja Mohammad Ibrahim Chishti Maududi populrly known as Pir Yakpasi,is a living legend.Respected by tribal people for his dedication towards the spread light of Islam 700 years ago when this area was inhabitated by non muslim Zoarosrian & hindu tribes. Keeping in line with tradtions of his great ancesstor Khawaja Maudud of Chisht Sharif & other glorious stars of Chishti order of sufi muslim reformers he spread the light of peace.