Jhal Magsi

Jhal Magsi district is in the centre of Balochistan province of Pakistan. The district is named after the town of Jhal, seat of the Magsi tribe, thus the name. Jhal Magsi is the headquarters of the major Baloch tribe within the district. The Magsi tribe is historically branched off the early Lashari tribes. The district is divided into two sub-divisions: Gandawah and Jhal Magsi. Both sub-divisions have a separate and different administrative history. Gandawah is a historical and ancient town in Balochistan. Its oldest name was Kandabil, which was renamed Gangaaba during Arab rule.


During the colonial period of British rule this name was changed to Gandawah. Jhal Magsi, the other important town of the district, is also the headquarters of the Magsi tribe. It is predominantly a Baloch area and was part of the Kalat native states during the colonial period. The Magsi tribe enjoyed an important position during the period of the Kalat Khanate with the Khan-e-Kalat as it's monarch. The district is rich in archaeological sites and historical monuments.


The district is administratively subdivided into two tehsils which contain a total of nine Union Councils.


The population of Jhal Magsi District was estimated to be over 275,000 in 2009. Over 97% of the people of the area are Muslims And Hindus And Sikhs Are About 3% Approx. The major Baloch tribes in the district are Magsi, Jamot, Rind and Hathyari village of Machi.