Jafarabad or Jaffarabad district lies in the South-East of the Pakistani province of Balochistan. Jafarabad’s headquarters are at Dera Allah Yar.

The district is named after Mir Jafar Khan Jamali, a Muslim League veteran from Balochistan and a close friend of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

The district comprises two sub-divisions (Usta Mohammad and Jhat Pat) containing four Tehsils - Usta Mohammad, Jhatpat, Gandakha and Suhbat Pur. There are no Levy Thanas and ten police stations. The district has twenty-one Patwar Circles (nine in Usta Mohammad and twelve in Jhat Pat) and two hundred and thirty Mozas (with 136 in Usta Mohammad and 94 in Jhatpat.


The district of Jaffarabad is administratively subdivided into the following tehsils:

* Gandakha
* Jhatpat
* Suhbat Pur
* Usta Mohammad


The population of Jafarabad District was estimated to be over 725,000 in 2005. More than 99% of the people of the district are Muslims. The major Baloch tribes in the district are Mastoi,Jamali, Khoso, Jamot, Marri, Buledi, Gola, Bugti, Jarwar, Mengal, Zehri, Lehri and many others.