Dera Bugti

Dera Bugti is a district located in the south west of Balochistan province of Pakistan. Dera Bugti is named after its headquarter town 'Dera Bugti'. Dera (a Balochi word) means `abode' or `habitat', while `Bugti' is the name of the major Baloch tribe. Thus Dera Bugti means the abode of the Bugtis, the dominant tribe of this district. Dera Bugti district has three sub-districts: Dera Bugti, Sui and Phailawagh. Natural gas is the major mineral wealth of Dera Bugti district. There are four major gas fields: Sui gas field, Pir Koh Gas field, Loti Gas field and Uch Gas field. Natural Gas was discovered at Sui in 1963 for use all over the country. The first natural gas supply plant was established at Sui (in 1963). Besides Sui, Pir Koh, Loti, and Uch, gas is believed to be also present in other parts of Dera Bugti district.


The district is administratively subdivided into three Union Councils, these are:

* Dera Bugti
* Phelawagh
* Sui


The population of Dera Bugti district was estimated to be over 250,000 in 2005. Over 99% of the people of the area are Muslims. The Bugti is the Baloch tribe in the district.