Chaman Valley

Chaman || Khojak Pass ||

Chaman is a town located in Qilla Abdullah District, Balochistan, Pakistan. Chaman is situated on the border with Afghanistan. Across the border in Afghanistan is the town of Spin Boldak in the province of Kandahar. The city has a population of 20,000 people, several thousand of whom are Hindus.Chaman is a dry port for grapes and other fruits etc. that are imported from Afghanistan and then get distrubuted to the rest of the country. Chaman is a dry mountainous area on the border.

The main beautiful place in chaman which has attraction for all the visitors to come the pak afghan border area called chaman. Kili murda karez


Chaman has a major railway station which accommodates passengers coming from Kandahar as well as other parts of Afghanistan. The slow passenger train runs between Chaman and Quetta several days a week. In 2008, it was proposed to extend this railway through Afghanistan to central Asia.


The city is a famous trade point in Balochistan. Traders from Afghanistan and Iran come to import and export goods in the bazaars of Chamman. Famous ghazal king Mehdi Hassan sang a ghazal about the town. The lyrics are chalte ho to chamamn ko chaliyeh kehta hai ka baharan hai. which means " If you want to travel lets visit Chamman its spring time there."


The town is also home to a football (soccer) club - Afghan FC, which plays in the Pakistan Premier League. Two players from this team are playing for the Pakistan national football team, including the captain, Muhammad Essa.

Khojak Pass:

This Pass will lead you directly to the Chaman Border of Afghanistan, 153 km from Quetta. The scenic beauty is simply enthralling. The border journey is to be materialized through Khojak Sheela, a 4 km long tunnel, at an elevation of more than 1945 meters above sea level.