Bolan district is in the centre of Balochistan province of Pakistan. The Bolan area remained under one district Kachhi until 31 December 1991. The Deputy Commissioner’s office started functioning on 17 May 1992, Bolan became one of the four districts of Naseerabad Division - until the abolition of Divisions in 2000. The district is named after the historic Bolan Pass. The pass, 85 kilometres long, extends from Kolpur, the highest place in Bolan district with an altitude of 2,200 metres above sea level. The area included in the Bolan district is 8,036 km². Tehsils and Mozas of the Bolan district are: Mach, Dhadar, Nari Bala, Sanni, Khattan, Bhag and Lehri.


The district is administratively subdivided into the following tehsils:

* Bhag
* Dhadar
* Mach
* Sani


For centuries the main tribe of Bolan was Kurd and the chief of Bolan and the most prominent personality of Bolan was Sardar Dinnar Khan Kurd. The population of Bolan districts in 2005 was estimated to be over 450,000. Muslims constitute over 99% of the population. There is a small Hindu minority in Bhag sub-division. The major Baloch tribes of the district are: Satakzai, Kurd, Raisani, Rind,and Abro. Airy and Sheikh also main population of tehsil Bhag.