Awaran is a district in the south of the Balochistan province of Pakistan. The district consists of three tehsils, i.e., Mashkay, Awaran, Jhal Jhao and eight patwar circles – Jebree, Gajar, Parwar, Peelar Jah, Awaran, Gashkore, Peelar Jhao and Camp Jhao; and 216 mauzas (villages).


The district is administratively subdivided into the following tehsils:

* Awaran
* Jhal Jhao
* Mashkay


The population of Awaran was estimated to be over 200,000 in 2005. Awaran has witnessed a steady rise in population. Most of population are rural. Over 98% of the people of the area are Muslims and a small Zikri minority. The tribes in Awaran are divided into several clans, the Baloch tribes in the district are Rind, Qambrani, Bizenjo, Mohammed Hasni, Sajdi, Mirwani, Rakhshani, Musiani, Sumalani and Mengal.