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The undersigned is directed to refer to the Minorities, Culture, Sports, Tourism & Youth Affairs Division's O.M.. No.10(1)/2000-Reg/Misc dated 17-10-2000, on the above subject and to inform that on 13th October 2000, new visa policy has been announced by the Minister for Interior. With regard to tourist visa, the new policy provides that:-

(i) Immigration Check posts have been authorized to issue 30 days landing permit to the tourists entering Pakistan without visa except nationals of the countries borne on negative list (Annexure - I).

(ii) Under the present instructions, the Regional Passport Offices are authorized to allow initial three months entry visa to the tourists and to allow one extension unto three months. It has further been decided to authorize Regional Passport Offices to grant entry visa to the tourists (except the nationals of the countries borne on negative list) entering Pakistan on landing permit for a period of three months from the date of entry into Pakistan, charging visa fee fixed on reciprocal basis.

(iii) The Regional Passport Offices have further been authorized to allow, on application, not more than two re-entries to the tourists, charging prescribed visa fee subject to a minimum of US$ 10 only.

(iv) The Pakistan Missions abroad have been authorized to issue tourist visa for a maximum period of three months liberally to all foreign nationals except to the Indian nationals and the foreigners of Indian origin.

(v) All foreign nationals, including tourists, have been exempted from police registration, except the nationals from negative list countries.

2. Necessary instructions have been issued to all Visa Issuing Authorities at home and abroad accordingly.

3. In order to provide facility to the foreigners visiting Northern Areas, it has been decided to authorize Deputy Commissioner, Gilgit and Skardu, to allow extension to the tourists for a period of three months and one re-entry charging visa fee as per policy. They shall, however, exercise these powers themselves and will not delegate these powers to their subordinate officials.

4. In order to provide maximum facilities to the foreigners, the RPOs have been directed to implement following instructions in letter and spirit:-

(a) Visa applications shall be accepted and visa signed by the Officer Incharge / Superintendent.

(b) The best available room in the office having adequate/proper seating arrangements and other amenities be allocated for foreigners.

(c) Special care should be exercised for proper cleanliness and maintenance of Visa Section.

(d) The dealing Assistant deployed at Visa Counter must be well mannered, polite, courteous and conversant with the Visa Rules and Regulations.

(e) It is to be ensured that the foreigners visiting offices are not put to un-necessary inconvenience. Prompt disposal of Visa cases is to be ensured.

(f) Before signing of Visa, it is to ensured that visa has been allowed for the entitled duration and prescribed fee has been realized.

(g) To ensure proper realization of prescribed visa fee and signing of visa, the signing authority will sign each each entry in the Visa Register and will affix his stamp (by name).

(h) The Officer Incharge of RPO will undertake immediate orientation of staff deployed at Visa Counters. The implementation of new visa scheme will be closely monitored by the Directors / Dy. Directors through personal visits/surprise checks.

5. Minorities, Culture, Sports & Tourism and Youth Affairs Division are requested to take further necessary action to circulate the new visa policy to all concerned organizations/tourist agencies etc., a the earliest, under intimation to this Ministry.

( Riazul Islam )
Section Officer (Visa)Encl: As Above

Minorities, Culture, Sports, Tourism &
Youth Affairs Division,
(Mr. Zamin Ali, S.O. (Reg.),



    1. Algeria
    2. Bangladesh
    3. Bhutan
    4. India
    5. Iraq
    6. Israel
    7. Libya
    8. Nigeria
    9. P.L.O
    10. Somalia
    11. Sri Lanka
    12. Sudan
    13. Serbia
    14. Tanzania
    15. Uganda
    16. Yemen
    17. Foreigners of India Origin



    1. Australia
    2. Austria
    3. Bahrain
    4. Belgium
    5. Brunei
    6. Canada
    7. China
    8. Czechoslovakia
    9. Denmark
    10. Finland
    11. France
    12. Germany
    13. Greece
    14. Hong Kong
    15. Hungary
    16. Indonesia
    17. Iceland
    18. Iran
    19. Ireland
    20. Italy
    21. Japan
    22. Kuwait
    23. Luxembourg
    24. Malaysia
    25. The Netherlands
    26. New Zealand
    27. Norway
    28. Oman
    29. Poland
    30. Portugal
    31. Qatar
    32. Saudi Arabia
    33. Singapore
    34. South Korea
    35. Spain
    36. Sweden
    37. Switzerland
    38. South Africa
    39. Thailand
    40. Turkey
    41. U.A.E.
    42. U.K.
    43. U.S.A.
    44. Russia

Application Requirement for Visa: Valid passport, 02 passport - size photographs, completed application form, confirmed return/onward air - ticket (if traveling by air) and proof of sufficient amount of foreign currency. Visa fee varies from country to country and type of visa.

For further details please contact Pakistan High Commission or Embassy / Consulate in your city / country.



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