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Lakes Of Pakistan

Lake Name Lake Place Lake Height More
Ansoo Lake  Kaghan Valley  Detail 
Atar Lake  Yasin & Ishkoman Valleys  Detail 
Baghsar Lake  Baghsar,Kashmir  Detail 
Borit Lake  Hussaini, Passu  Detail 
Brogil Lake  Broghil valley  Detail 
Burzil Lake  Burzil Top,Astore  Detail 
Chaleli Lake    Detail 
Chitta Katha Lake  Shonter Valley, Azad Kashmir  Detail 
Dudibach Lake  Saral Gali, Kaghan Valley  Detail 
fairy medow Lake  Fairy Medow Nanga Parbat,Diameer  Detail 
Haliji Lake  Thatta, Sindh  Detail 
Hana Lake  Quetta, Baluchistan  Detail 
Handarap Lake  Phundar Valley,Ghizer  Detail 
Kachura Lake  Skardu, Baltistan  Detail 
Kalar kahar Lake  Kalarkahar, Salt range, Punjab  Detail 
Kalri Lake  Thatta,Sind  Detail 
kanwal Lake  shakar parian Islamabad  Detail 
Karakol Lake  Mustagh Tower,Skardu  Detail 
karambar Lake  Karamabar Valley, Ghizar  4260  Detail 
Khanpur Lake  Khanpur, Haripur  Detail 
kingaro Lake  Kingaro Valley Swat  Detail 
Kinjar Lake  Thatta,Sind  Detail 
Kundalo Lake  Atrot,Swat Valley  Detail 
Kutwal Lake  Mani Glacier, Haramosh Valley  3260  Detail 
Lal Sahanra National Park Lake  Lal Sahanra Park Bahawalpur  Detail 
Lulu sar Lake  Kunhar River, Besal  Detail 
Manchar Lake  Sehwan Sharif, Indus, Sindh  Detail 
Mangla Lake  Jehlum Velley,Kashmir  Detail 
Marav Lake  Dera Bugti, Baluchistan  Detail 
Misriot Lake  Rawalpindi  Detail 
Mohodand Lake  Swat River, Swat Valley  Detail 
Naltar lake  Naltar Valley  Detail 
Phander Lake  Phander valley,Gilgit  Detail 
Rama Lake  Rama Village, Astore  3482  Detail 
Ratti Gali Lake  Ratti Gali Naran valley  Detail 
Rawal Lake  shakar parian Islamabad  510  Detail 
Rush Phari Lake  Hispar & Barpu Valleys  4694  Detail 
Saidgai Lake  Swat Valley  Detail 
Saiful Malook Lake  Kaghan Valley  3200  Detail 
Saral Lake  Saral Gali, Kaghan Valley  Detail 
Satpara Lake  Skardu, Baltistan  Detail 
SatsriMala Lake  Saral Gali Naran  Detail 
Shandor Lake  Shandor Pass,Chitral  Detail 
Sheosar Lake  Chhachor Pass, Deosai  Detail 
Simbli Lake  Barakoh Islamabad  Detail 
Siranda Lake  Sonmiani, coastal Baluchistan  Detail 
Siri Lake  Shogran Kaghan Valley  Detail 
Snow Lake  Hisper glacier Skardu  Detail 
Subri Lake  Jhelam River, Muzaffarabad  Detail 
Tanaza Lake  Rawalpindi  Detail 
Tarbela Lake  Terbela,Hazara  Detail 
Upper Katura Lake  Kachura Village Skardu  Detail 
Warsak Lake  Peshawar  Detail 

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