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E- Solutions

Since the birth of the World Wide Web, the amount of investment being put in information technology and the sheer volume of internet usage continues to grow at an extraordinary rate. We are determined to become the leader in this growing sector through customer-centric, absolute customized solution development, and exclusive web and media solutions.

We have expertise in providing E-Commerce and Software solutions to the finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing and many other Industries. Furthermore, the quality and cost effectiveness of our solutions allow us to provide an outsourcing service to existing software developers.

Our on-site team interacts with the customer to define requirements, create accurate estimates, review prototypes, coordinate development work and manage scope changes. It then can absorb the knowledge of the client's requirements much faster and help in adding value to our client's business. The on-site team documents this information and communicates it to the offshore team by e-mail, text based chat, voice chat or video-conference calls. The on-site team sends weekly status of the offshore work to the client so that the client is well aware of the progress. The offshore team ensures quality execution at a low cost. Tele-conferencing can be held while reviewing important deliverables such as design document, test plans and change request documents. On-site and offshore teams work together on common systems, linked by our global information network.

More and more firms appear to be turning to a rather traditional advertising/design houses which in turn often outsource their online activity to specialists on a project basis. Consequently, database-driven template “Click ‘n Build” Websites are starting to flourish---but they lack in high-end design and absolute customization and exclusivity.

We fills this short-coming by providing the most pleasing, holistic design process and solutions as a result of mastery in technique and hearty collaboration between the designers and client.

We are one-stop solution providers, advisors, consultants, and developer-of-choice for B2C, B2B, Government, Health Care, Education, Entertainment, Sports, Charity & Community affairs, Media & Broadcast markets.

Through e-solution service, we offer: -

-Web Solutions

  • Domain Name Registration and Hosting
  • Websites Designing, Development, Maintenance
  • Portal Designing, Development, Maintenance
  • Software As A Service (SaaS)
  • Really Simple Syndicate (RSS)
  • Blogs

-Corporate identity
-Digital Graphic Designing (2D/3D)
-3D Animation
-Rich Internet Applications (RIA)
-Application Development (Desktop/Mobile)
-Multimedia Presentations

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