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Art Corner

Pakistani Artists
Graphic Arts
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Visual Arts

Pakistan has a rich history in all the visual arts—painting, architecture, textiles and decorative arts, and sculptures.  Traditionally, visual arts in Pakistan have been influenced by Islam’s preference for geometric shapes. These ancient designs often look “modern” to people in the West.  Today, Pakistani artists produce a vast array of visual arts in both traditional and modern designs.

Two-Dimensional Arts

Pakistani artists paint on many surfaces—canvas, paper, walls, even furniture and trucks, in styles based on traditional techniques and patterns and modern processes alike.


Although there is ancient sculpture, most sculpture in Pakistan is relatively new. Today, sculptures of people and animals as well as abstract forms are made using materials both ancient and evolving.


Pakistan’s stoneworkers have built magnificently for centuries, but in today’s skyline, ancient buildings are complimented by new structures including government buildings and elaborate mosques with the simple lines of modern architecture.

Decorative Arts

Decorative arts are found inside buildings as pottery, carpets, and fabrics, and even on people as leather, jewelry, and textiles. These handcrafts are a hallmark of Pakistani art.

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