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Vehari District is a district in the Punjab province of Pakistan - the city of Vehari is the capital of the district. The district was created in 1976 out of the three tehsils of Multan District (Vehari, Burewala and Mailsi). The name Vehari means low lying settlement by a flood water channel. The district lies along the right bank of the river Sutlej which forms its southern boundary.


The district of Vehari is administratively subdivided into three tehsils these are:

* Burewala
* Mailsi
* Vehari

Physical features

The district consists of plain area with fertile land. It is a part of Indus plain. It has the best cultivated land which is suitable for cotton, wheat and other agricultural crops. Vehari district lies Nili Bar which is between Ravi and Bias and Sutlej rivers. Its land is irrigated with the fertile water of Chenab and Ravi rivers. Vehari District has a big canal system with two canals namely Pakpatan and Mailsi canal. The total number of canals including their minors in the district are 19 with a total length of about 1,380.


The Bias River, or Beas River, is known locally as the Viyah. The old bed of the river is known as Sukh Bias. During heavy floods nominal water flow into the nullah. The stream enters Vehari district near Sheikh Fazal and joins Satluj River via Pakhi More and Pul. The path of the nullah has changed over the years; it currently joins Satluj River via Burewala.


In sports, Vehari has produced many players. It is famous in the field of hockey. This area has enormous talent in this field. The famous players in the history of the game are :

* Waqar Younis Former Captain Pakistan Cricket Team and a very famous bowler.
* Waseem Ahmed Ex Olympian and former captain of Pakistan National Hockey Team. He is one of the best left half produced by the world. He also got selected in World XI.
* Saleem Sherwani Ex hockey Olympic champion and world hockey champion.
* Sajjad Anwar International Player, represented Pakistan National Hockey Team.
* Waqas Akbar Olympian and currently representing Pakistan National Hockey.
* Malik Kashif currently representing Pakistan National Hockey.

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