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The area now comprising district Kotli was a sub-division of Mirpur district upto the year 1975. District Kotli is a hilly area rising gradually towards the high mountains of Poonch district. Its climate is more moderate than that of Mirpur due to the sub-mountainous topography.


Kotli, the District Headquarter, is at a distance of 141 kilometers from Rawalpindi / Islamabad via Sensa, Holar and Kahuta. It is linked with Mirpur by two metalloid roads, one via Rajdhani (90 Kilometers) and the other via Charhoi. It is also directly linked with Rawalakot via Trarkhal (82 Kilometers). Kotli has all the basic facilities like bazaars, banks, hospital, colleges, telephone & telegraph office etc. A PWD Rest House, Tourist Rest House at Sarda and middle standard hotels in the town provide accommodation facilities to the visitors


Teenda is a place of viewpoint linked with metalloid road, 6 kilometers from Kotli. One can have a wonderful view of Kotli City and surrounding areas from this place. To make it an attractive tourist spot, AJK Tourism Department has constructed a Tourist Rest House here to provide accommodation facilities.


Hajiabad, located on Holar-Kotli road, is a midway point for the travelers coming from Rawalpindi/Islamabad. A cafeteria for refreshments has been provided by the Tourism Department.


38 kilometers from Kotli ahead, a road leads to Khoiratta. Khoiratta and nearby area provide remarkable attraction to tourists because of the remains of gardens and fountains of the older times. From 4 kilometers ahead of Khoiratta is famous shrine of "Mai Totti Sahiba" which is visited by hundreds of people daily. A rest house by Tourism Department at Khoiratta is available for tourist accommodation.

Fatehpur (Nakyyal):

Fatehpur was a part of tehsil Mahnder before independence. It is located at a distance of 40 kilometers from Kotli and 181 kilometers from Islamabad . Due to high altitude (1524 meters) Fatehpur is comparatively a cold place then the rest of the district. A Tourist Rest House provides accommodation facilities to the tourists/ visitors.

Karela Majhan:

From Fatehpur, 10 kilometers ahead is Karela Majhan. Its beauty and neat, clean and peaceful atmosphere inspires everyone visiting the area. A Tourist Rest House is available here.



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